Plane sailing conversion
Our first job will be to reassemble the aircraft, which has had its wings and tail removed for transportation. We’re hoping it’ll just be like a giant Airfix model, just with lots of bolts and bit less glue!
Primrose will then be given a first class upgrade. Her passenger seats will be removed to make way for a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. We are also plans to light up the field at night like a runway.
We’ll be drawing on our experience of converting the helicopter and preserving as much of the interior as possible for future generations to enjoy, including the stunning two-seater cockpit.

Birthday appeal 
Primrose will turn 60 next year, so we’re hoping to get her into tip top shape for her big birthday. We’d love to track down the team who built her and involve them in her transformation.

If you can help or would like to express your interest in a future stay please email us

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